Gravograph M Series

Gravograph™ M Series Engraving Machines

A portable and affordable line of engraving and marking machines that are convenient and easy-to-operate. These machines are perfect for engraving and personalizing awards, gifts, signage, and more.


  • Compact: Powerful, self-contained machines with a compact footprint.
  • Easy-to-use: Each machine comes standard with Gravostyle™ software.
  • Reliable: A combination of Gravotech's expertise and high quality.

Two Models Available:

M20 Series

The M20 Series of machines are affordable, self-contained marking systems that are convenient and easy to use and can replace your manual engraver or the need to outsource engraving tasks.

Gravograph M20 Series Mechanical Rotary Engraving Machine
Engraving Plates and Labels
Engraving Signs, Awards, and Gifts
Pen Engraving with a Gravograph M20 Engraving Machine
Ring Engraving with a Gravograph M20 Engraving Machine


Controlled from a computer or tablet, this machine allows you to perform all types of engraving on small items: jewelry, signage, personalized articles, photos, etc.


Optimized ergonomics integrating a large number of functions in a small space. Features such as the self-centering vice, the Point & Shoot device and the regulating nose allow you to quickly become familiar with the machine.


The M20 is one of the lightest and smallest machines in our range. With its compact design and just 22lbs in weight, this machine can be easily moved for use at fairs or events.

M20 Configurations

  • M20 PIX: Optimized for engraving photos and text on metal items.
  • M20 Standard: General engraving on all types of materials.
  • M20 PEN: Includes a rotating device for engraving pens or the outside of rings.
  • M20 JEWEL: Includes a rotating device for engraving the inside and outside of rings.

Technical Specifications

M20 Series
Engraving Area: 4.7 x 3.9 inches
Z Stroke: 1.18 inches
Machine Dimensions: 13.4 x 12.2 x 12.2 inches
Machine Weight: 22 lbs.

M40 Series

The M40 engraving machine is an innovative and ideal machine for engravers with numerous features and accessories. The M40 can engrave a large variety of materials such as metal, plastic, wood, glass any many more.

Gravograph M40 Series Engraving Machine
Gravograph M40 Gift Series Engraving Machine
Engraving Labels and Plates
Rotary Engraving Signs
Engraving Plastic Signs and Plaques
Etching Metal Gifts
Etching Metal Mugs and Steins
Personalized Engraving on Gifts
Etching Gifts and Awards
Engraving Names on Pens

Innovative & Versatile

The M40 series features iQ+ or "intelligence quotient" which offers streamlined electronics, new-generation firmware and enhanced communication between the engraver and the computer. An affordable, versatile and gifted engraving system that is fast, quiet and easy to use.

Performance & Ergonomics

The M40 features an open working area giving the operator easy access to the job and materials. The design also features a depth nose allowing for constant engraving, particularly on uneven surfaces. The high powered 50W, direct-drive spindle is great for even metal. No matter the shape, engraving has never been faster, thanks to automatic engraving depth adjustment.

M40 Configurations

  • M40 Standard: General engraving on all types of materials.
  • M40 Gift: Features a self-circulating, lubrication pump for better engraving on glass items and a tilting table for better engraving on beveled glasses.

Technical Specifications

M40 Series
Engraving Area: 12 x 8.2 inches
Z Stroke: 1.57 inches
Machine Dimensions: 22 x 20 x 12.6 inches
Machine Weight: 40 lbs.

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