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Gravograph™ Laser Engraving & Cutting Machines

PDU CAT is your one-stop source for engraving equipment and supplies. We've partnered with Gravograph to offer a full line of laser engraving and mechanical engraving equipment. Whether you are just getting started or you're a well established business, we are here to help you find a solution that fits your needs.

Laser Models

Why Gravograph?

With machines that exceed industry standards, Gravograph is dedicated to marking, cutting, or engraving on a variety of materials including: plastic, wood, metal, leather, glass, acrylic, and crystal.

Gravograph laser engravers come in several formats: from small CO2 laser machines to industrial fiber laser engravers.


  • Powerful machines built for maximum speed & productivity.
  • A dedicated tech support phone line and availability on on-site service.
  • Generous warranties.

CO2 Laser Engraving

CO2 laser engraving machines are the most common type of laser engravers currently on the market. They are fast, quiet, and work with a wide range of organic and man-made materials.

CO2 lasers are great for:

  • Awards:  acrylic awards, crystal awards, glass awards, wood plaques, trophies...
  • Signage:  painted or anodized metal, plastic, wood, rubber stamps, badges...
  • Personalization:  pet tags, glassware, tableware, corporate gifts, announcements, jewelry...

Fiber Laser Engraving

Fiber laser engraving machines are the ideal system for high-speed marking on metal, anodized aluminum, or plastic.

Utilizing fiber optics to stimulate the laser, this long lasting laser source has a lower maintenance cost over the life of the machine. Higher than average power allows text and graphics to be applied faster.

Fiber lasers are great for:

  • Metal:  car parts, control panels, electrical plates, tools...
  • Industrial:  barcodes, labels, packaging, direct marking of parts...

Galvo Lasers

Galvonometric lasers are available with all Gravograph laser technologies: Fiber, Hybrid, Green, and CO2. They meet all your needs in traceability and identification marking. Utilizing a fixed laser position, galvo lasers are capable of amazing speed and accuracy.

Galvo lasers are great for:

  • High-speed engraving

Laser Accessories

We offer a full range of accessories to complete your solution and guarantee your laser engraver's maximum productivity: exhaust systems, floating pin cutting tables, honeycomb cutting tables, cylindrical attachments, and focusing optics.

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