Gravograph™ Energy Series

Gravograph™ Energy Series Laser Engraving Machines

The Energy Series is one of the latest inventions of the Gravotech Technology and Innovation Center. Gravotech has merged their classic style and performance with new and innovative features to bring our customers a new entry level laser.


  • Excellent Value:  Economical and affordable machine.
  • Multi-functional:  Versatile and compact.
  • Reliable:  A combination of Gravotech's expertise and high quality.

Three Models Available:

LS100 & LS100Ex Energy

The latest Gravograph Energy range of lasers are a combination of Gravotech's professional performance and new innovative features to create a unique and economical solution.

LS100 Energy laser engraver
LS100Ex Energy laser engraver
Machine control panel with display
Laser bed with raster engraving and vector cutting samples
Rotary attachment for laser engraving cylindrical items
Honeycomb grid for vector cutting signage letters


New to engraving or adding a laser to your facility for the first time, the Gravograph LS100 and LS100Ex Energy allow for a diverse range of applications. Its many accessories and additional equipment allow you to configure the very best solution for your working environment. The Gravograph LS100 and LS100Ex are the premium option for entry-level lasers.


The interactive control panels and integrated memory save valuable time during production. With the red aiming laser, jobs can be previewed to eliminate errors. Save time and increase profitability by using the Point & Shoot feature to easily determine the engraving area of any object. No rulers needed!

Ergonomics & Design

Built with the operator in mind, the machine boasts front access for effortless loading and adjusting of the items. A red aiming laser allows for quick and error free set up and auto focus ensures proper hight resolution marks. The fume and exhaust range, as well as the air assist, preserves your working environment and improves processing of many materials including rubber, leather, and acrylic. The Gravograph LS100 and LS100Ex also offer IQ+ or "intelligent Quotient" which provide streamlined electronics, new-generation firmware and enhanced communication between the engraver and user.

Extremely versatile! These multi-functional laser engravers open new markets:

  • Plate engraving such as name badges and ID tags.
  • Rubber stamp manufacturing.
  • Small to medium signage.
  • Personalization of pens, keychains, trophies, glasses and other gifts.

Technical Specifications

LS100 Energy LS100Ex Energy
Engraving Area: 18 x 12 inches 24 x 12 inches
Laser Wattage: 25W 25W
Z Clearance: 5.7 inches 5.7 inches
Max Raster Speed: 39.4 inches/second 39.4 inches/second
Machine Size: 30.5 x 28.5 x 17.7 inches 40.3 x 28.5 x 17.7 inches
Machine Weight: 88.2 lbs 154 lbs
Power Requirements: 100 / 240 V AC 100 / 240 V AC

Easily fit these lasers in any shop, office or workshop. With secure class 2 enclosures, the Energy series is safe for most any environment.

LS900 Energy

The Gravograph LS900 Energy is an advanced, large format laser engraving and cutting machine built for an entry level budget.

Its low operating cost will allow you to create single projects or medium and large batch projects at a reduced hourly rate without mobilizing equipment with higher operating costs.

LS900 Energy laser engraving machine
Laser work surface with raster engraving on metal
Laser bed with raster engraving and vector cutting samples
Honeycomb grid for vector cutting signage letters


The 24" x 24" engraving area combined with the 9.8" Z travel and X axis pass through enables the Gravograph LS900 Energy to process a wide range of parts sizes form small name plates to large control panels, both in single item processing and in large batches.


Productive and efficient, the Gravograph LS900 Energy is equipped with time-saving features. The red aiming laser, automatic focusing, cycle time indicator, end of job alarm and more allow for fast job creation. These features grouped with Gravograph's known machine quality produce a laser engraving machine ready to take on any challenge.

Ergonomics & Design

With a large, robust design, the Gravograph LS900 Energy range provides an extended engraving area without sacrificing quality. Front access makes the loading and unloading operation easier and the pass-through allow for oversized products. The Gravograph LS900 Energy also offers IQ+ or "Intelligent Quotient" which offers streamlined electronics, new generation firmware and enhanced communication between the engraver and user.

Technical Specifications

LS900 Energy
Engraving Area: 24 x 24 inches
Laser Wattage: 25W
Z Clearance: 9.8 inches
Max Raster Speed: 39.4 inches/second
Machine Size: 37.2 x 42.5 x 31.9 inches
Machine Weight: 375 lbs
Power Requirements: 100 / 240 V AC

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