Gravograph™ EDGE Dual Source Series

Gravograph™ EDGE Dual Source Laser Engraving Machines

Diversify your business! The LS900 EDGE is the ideal combination for laser engraving and cutting multiple materials. Its two laser sources, CO2 and Fiber, make it highly flexible in use. Its large engraving area is suitable for piece production and short and medium-length job runs.


  • Dual Source: Combines a CO2 laser source and a Fiber source.
  • Engrave on Metal: Engrave on metal parts without the need of a surface additive.
  • Reliability: A combination of Gravotech's expertise and high quality.


Powerful because it is generated and delivered via optical fiber, the Fiber laser source is effective on hard materials often used in industrial settings.

The CO2 laser source is generated by a combination of gas and electric discharge. Its properties therefore differ slightly from the Fibre laser, in particular allowing the marking of transparent materials since these do not react to Fibre laser.

LS900 EDGE CO2 and Fiber Laser Engraver
Laser cut acrylic shapes
Fiber laser engraving on metal
Laser etched metal parts
Laser engraving wood products
Laser engraving on trophy plates
Metal and wood laser engraving


The 24" x 24" engraving area combined with the 9.8" Z travel and X axis pass through enables the Gravograph LS900 EDGE to process a wide range of object sizes from small name plates to large control panels, both in single item processing and in large batches.


Productive and efficient, the Gravograph LS900 EDGE is equipped with time-saving features. The red aiming laser, automatic focusing, cycle time indicator, end of job alarm and more allowing for fast job creation. These features grouped with Gravograph's known machine quality produce a laser engraving machine ready to take on any challenge.

Ergonomics & Design

With a large, robust design, the Gravograph LS900 EDGE provides an extended engraving area without sacrificing quality. Front access makes the loading and unloading operation easier and the pass-through allow for oversized products. The Gravograph LS900 EDGE also offers IQ+ or "Intelligent Quotient" which offers enhanced software intractability and communications for laying out complex plates, positioning engraving along with streamlined electronics and new-generation firmware.

Technical Specifications

Engraving Area: 24 x 24 inches
Laser Wattage: 40W CO2 & 20W, 30W, or 50W Fiber
Z Clearance: 9.8inches
Max Raster Speed: 100 inches/second
Machine Size: 37.2 x 42.5 x 31.9 inches
Machine Weight: 375 lbs
Power Requirements: 100 / 240 V AC

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