Gravograph Laser Machine Accessories

Gravograph™ Laser Machine Accessories

We offer a full range of accessories to complete your solution and guarantee your laser engraver's maximum productivity: exhaust systems, floating pin cutting tables, honeycomb cutting tables, cylindrical attachments, and focusing optics.

Types of Accessories:

Laser Cutting Support Tables

Floating Pin Cutting Table

  • Reduced back-flash effect.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Removable pins.
  • Suitable for XY lasers.

Honeycomb Cutting Table

  • Stainless steel frame.
  • Outstanding strength and durability.
  • Marked alignment rulers for quick and accurate positioning.
  • Reduced flashback effect.
  • Easily inserted and removed.
  • Covers the whole marking area.
  • Available for LS100, LS100Ex, LS900, and LS900XP lasers.

Cylindrical Object Laser Attachment

Cylindrical Object Laser Attachment
Laser engraving cylindrical objects, wine bottles
Laser engraving cylindrical objects, columns

Cylindrical Object Laser Attachment

  • Plug & Play installation.
  • Tiltable mechanism for marking cone shaped items.
  • Includes five different sized plastic cones.
  • Optional mandrel.
  • Cone maintenance system enabling reproduction of the marking.
  • 5.12" max. diameter (LS100-LS100Ex).
  • 7.87" max. diameter (LS900-LS900XP).

Laser Exhaust Systems

Filter exhaust systems guarantee clean and safe work and working environments. Their role is to suck up dust and gases and filter out odors produced during machining. A triple filtration system keeps all particles in the filters until the end of the operation, thus ensuring comfort of use, safety and air purification.


Without a suitable exhaust system, particles will settle between the laser and the engraved object. This phenomenon affects the laser beam and impacts the engraving accuracy. Gravograph extraction systems keep your equipment clean, maintain accuracy levels and ensure excellent engraving day after day.

Easy Maintenance

Our exhaust systems are designed to optimize access and facilitate maintenance operations. Gravograph extractors, equipped with washable pre-filters, separate HEPA filters, rechargeable carbon cartridges and brushless motors ( = asynchronous), are cost-effective solutions.

User-friendly and Ecological

All systems in the range comply with international health and safety legislation and RoHS standards. All contaminants are secured in disposable filters. Only clean and pure air is re-injected into the workshop, ensuring premium comfort for the user.

Laser Focusing Optics

Lenses for Gravograph Laser Machines
Focal Lenses for Laser Engravers
Different Size Lenses for Laser Engraver

Experience the benefits of a huge range of lenses for accurate applications. These key applications include: accurate marking, cutting fine material, and increased Z displacement.

Laser Focusing Optics

  • Lenses are available in the following sizes: 1.5", 2", 2.5", and 4"

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