Gravograph Galvo Series

Gravograph™ Galvo Laser Workstation Machines

Galvonometric lasers are available with all Gravograph laser technologies: Fiber, Hybrid, Green, and CO2. They meet all your needs in traceability and identification marking. Utilizing a fixed laser position, galvo lasers are capable of amazing speed and accuracy.

The compact size and professional quality of our Laser Workstation range means they provide the ideal solution for laser marking beyond the production line.

A number of versions are available depending on your needs and applications. These range from the most straightforward and economical systems to the those with highly specialized features and even a semi-automatic station.


  • Multiple Laser Technologies: Available with Gravograph's complete laser technology: Fiber, DPSS, Green, or CO2
  • Compact and Silent: The ideal solution for quick identification of parts in a small to medium-sized production run.
  • Reliability: A combination of Gravotech's expertise and high quality.

CO2 Laser

CO2 lasers are the most common type of laser engravers currently on the market. They are fast, quiet and work with a wide range of organic and man-made materials.

Fiber Laser

Utilizing fiber optics to stimulate the laser, this long lasting laser source has a low maintenance cost over the life of the machine. Higher than average power allows text & graphics to be applied faster. Great for engraving metal.

Hybrid Laser

Combining the unique power of a YVO4 and a diode pumped solid state source, the Hybrid provides contrasted marking on a range of materials with the best reaction occurring with metals and plastics.

Green Laser

Utilizing a 532nm wavelength, the Green laser features a new type of marking, "cold marking". Minimal heat is applied to the material reducing the mechanical stress & distortion to parts.

Two Models Available:

Laser Workstation 1 (LW1) - Manual Control

The Laser Workstation 1 is a simple and economical laser marking station. It can be safely installed in an office environment or on a workbench.

Laser Workstation 1 (LW1)
Galvonometric Laser Engraving Machine
Laser Engraving Work Surface
Large, Easy to Operate Controls

Technical Specifications

Glavo LW1
Laser Tech: CO2, Fiber, Hybrid, or Green
Max Part Size: 11.18 x 21.22 inches
Max Engraving Size: 8.07 x 8.07 inches
Machine Size: 25.6 x 59.2 x 21.6 inches
Machine Weight: 110 lbs + Laser

Laser Workstation 2 (LW2) - Automated Control

The LW2 marking station laser marks all types of data: series numbers, 2D Data Matrix code, references, logos, etc.

It is ideal for identifying your parts in small to medium production runs and for boosting your productivity.

Laser Workstation 2 (LW2)
Galvonometric Laser Engraving Machine with Fiber Laser
Laser Mark on Metal Parts
Complete Laser Engraving System
Laser Marking Machine Cylinder Attachment

Technical Specifications

Glavo LW2
Laser Tech: CO2, Fiber, Hybrid, or Green
Max Part Size: 14.37 x 21.96 inches
Max Engraving Size: 8.07 x 8.07 inches
Machine Size: 23.75 x 24.5 x 30.5 inches
Machine Weight: 132 lbs + Laser

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