Engraving Accessories

Mechanical Engraving Machine Accessories

We offer a full range of accessories to complete your solution and guarantee your engraver's maximum productivity: high frequency spindles, cylindrical attachments, pen attachments, chip collectors, and regulating noses.

Types of Accessories:

High Frequency Spindles

150 watt high frequency spindle on IS400 engraving machine
750 watt high frequency spindle on IS Series large format engraving machine
1,000 watt high frequency spindle on IS Series large format engraving machine

For difficult work in hard metals that require high precision, Gravograph offers a choice of 3 High Frequency Spindles (HFS) with powers of 150, 750 or 1000 watts.

The HFS system provides higher productivity and a better quality finish. High frequency spindles are available for Gravograph IS Series IS400, IS6000, IS7000, and IS8000.

Why use a high frequency spindle?

  • Greater precision and speed on hard metals.
  • Higher torque for both engraving and milling.
  • Reduces material resistance, reduces wear and tear, and reduces twisting of the cutter.

Cylindrical & Pen Attachments

Cylindrical engraving attachment
Pen engraving attachment
Engraving and personalizing pens
Engraving and personalization of glass bottles
Engraving on bracelets
Engraved metal tumblers

Gravograph's cylindrical attachments and pen attachments are engraving accessories that will compliment your rotary engraving machine. Expand your business and access new business opportunities at a lower cost! Find the right cylinder attachment for your machine and applications and benefit from Gravograph quality.

Rotating a cylindrical object to engrave it over its entire surface requires the appropriate accessory: the pressure exerted must be carefully calculated, especially when it comes to engraving on glass . The range of Gravograph cylinder and pen attachments is designed to meet all your needs, whatever the characteristics of your engraving cylinder.

Chip Collectors

Compact chip collector for engraving machines
Chip collector for IS Series engraving machines

An essential engraving accessory that keeps your machine clean and guarantees perfect engraving!

Gravograph chip collectors prevent pollution of the working environment by extracting debris and dust generated by a rotary engraving operation before dispersing them in the air.

Regulating Noses

Diagram of depth control nose
The height of the tip dictates engraving depth

Types of Regulating Noses:

  • Steel noses: the most commonly used noses (resistant and highly polished for minimum plate scratching)
  • Vacuum noses: same as steel nose and can be linked to a chip collector
  • Swivel and prismatic noses: for engraving on curved surfaces (steel or teflon)
  • Teflon noses: for engraving on easily scratched surfaces such as metal

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